John "Lepper" Hughes, 12 Feb., 1881

From the 
National Police Gazette 
19th  August, 1882...

'The Great Walk 
in Boston'

Richard K. Fox 
starts the pedestrians 
in the 
"Police Gazette" champion six days' Walking Match 
at the 
​"On your marks... Get set... Go!!!" predominantly about the history of ultra long-distance pedestrianism or long-distance *walking/running 
and "go-as-you-please" (a mixture of running 
and walking) racing during the 1870s and 1880s.
​King of the Peds
*Many recent articles claiming that pedestrianism was about Competitive 'Walking' are wrong...
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A "ped" was a fond term for a professional pedestrian in Victorian times, and that is what the book is about. International pedestrianism...             
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Joe Scott
(New Zealand)
A person travelling on foot; a walker.
 The act, art, or practice of a pedestrian; 
walking or running; 
travelling or racing on foot.
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Peter Hegelman
"Pedestrianism" 'A Parlor Game for Boys' (1879)
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Int. Walking Match - O'Leary Belt 
Chicago, Ill., USA, May 29, 1879

Front Row: Guyon, Crossland, Goodman, 
Parry, Banks, Geraghty
​George Cartwright
​Dan Herty
​Sam Day
  Christian Faber 
   Tom Cox 
 John Hughes 
   Eph Clow