Daniel O'Leary, of Chicago, leads 
Edward Payson Weston
of Providence, RI., in a 
£1,000 sweepstakes 
at the Agricutural Hall, 
Islington, London, March, 1877
Gilmore's Garden (latterly Madison Square Garden), New York, 
hosts the start of the 3rd Astley International Belt contest, March, 1879.

From Left to right:     Charlie Rowell, the "Cambridge Wonder", England 
                                  Charles Harriman, the "Steamboat", USA
                                  Daniel O'Leary, the "Plucky Pedestrian", Ireland
                                  "Honest" John Ennis, Ireland
Patrick Fitzgerald
(Long Island, 
New York, USA)
Robert Vint
"Brooklyn Cobbler"
Sam Merritt
(Bridgeport, CT., USA)
Peter Panchot
(Buffalo, N. Y., USA)
 "Old Sport"
  More 1st Astley    
  International Belt
  race action at       
  London, 1878.

  Left: Henry Vaughan 
  (Chester, England) 

  Middle: Daniel O'Leary 
  (Chicago, USA)

  Right: "Blower" Brown 
  (Fulham, England)
1st Astley International Belt race action at the Agricultural Hall, Islington, London, from The Pictorial World, published on 30 March, 1878, shows
 (from left to right):

 Henry Vaughan: Chester
 George Ide: North Woolwich
 Henry 'Blower' Brown: Fulham
 Daniel O'Leary: Chicago (USA)
 J. SmithYork
 William 'Corkey' Gentleman: Bethnall Green
 George Johnson: Barrow-in-Furness 
National Police Gazette, 19 Aug., 1882
Alfred Elson 
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Ephraim Clow
(P. E. I., 
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The Illustrated Police News, 3 May, 1879